Macro shots using Mobiles

I’ve always wondered how some people took unbelievably detailed photos using mobiles. I tried different phones, various modes, and a variety of angles but to no avail, my photos were just not as good as theirs. Maybe, I was not a good enough photographer.

Or so I thought.

Recently I came across lenses for mobiles, offered by Moment. (This is not a sponsored post, I am genuinely impressed.) That was when I realized that all those photos supposedly promoting the excellence of mobile cameras, were taken with the help of accessories.

Predictably enough, I jumped the bandwagon and bought one too.

Previously, I had focused on landscape photography and I was also getting pretty stable at it. (For all the sceptical ones, samples of my photographs can be found here)

So, I tried to try something new and completely different: Macro shots.

Suddenly, the entire world started feeling new to me. I started exploring for opportunities to use my newly acquired gear, and boy! there were a lot!

The fine strands of threads weaved together in a fabric, the tiny slivers of cobwebs hanging around the house, the droplets of condensed water lining the outer walls of a bottle, all led to a new dimension in my photography.

A few sample shots taken using the Moment Macro Lens (in Google Pixel 3)

I am not delving on the details of the lens here, you can get plenty of reviews online, but tell you what, I have spent only a day with it and I already love it!

2020 is going to be a year of tiny little details!

Data Engineer || Gadgets and Gizmos || Bookworm|| Traveler-of-sorts

Data Engineer || Gadgets and Gizmos || Bookworm|| Traveler-of-sorts